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Our mission is to provide a safe, structured, and nurturing environment for the children of Henderson County and our surrounding communities, embracing Christian values and principles while educating and preparing them for future academic endeavors.


"If something is worth doing then it should be done WELL!"


Ms. Elizabeth Hughes, SFLF's Founder



"Since starting this school, my daughter has learned a lot of things like her ABC's, colors, shapes and mostly how to socialize with kids her own age. I absolutely have every confidence that she is being well taken care of at school every day. This school is very much like an extended large family. The teachers and staff are just great! I would highly recommend St. James School for Little Folks to other parents."

Normal Hours:

7:30am  to  5:30pm

includes am and pm snack


Half Day Program Hours:

7:30am  to  11:30pm
includes am snack


Early Bird Hours:

 6:30am  to 7:30am

Pre-Registration Required


The St. James School for Little Folks, an outreach ministry of St. James Episcopal Church, is a Christian preschool, child care and day care for ages 2 years old  to 5 year olds, who have not attended public school, for St. James Parish and the greater Hendersonville, NC, area.  Our academic preschool program prepares children for the future by building a solid foundation of Christian values and school readiness skills. Every child needs a good start to be successful in life, which is exactly our purpose and primary goal. St. James School truly is a "Place for hearts, hand and minds to grow!"


The School for Little Folks was started in 1932 when Elizabeth Hughes and her sister Carrie, saw the need to educate children in their most formative years. Miss Elizabeth realized from the start the importance of making sure every child had a solid foundation in learning to read and write. She was a masterly teacher with a special knack of reaching out to beginning readers. Miss Elizabeth taught first grade.


The family settled in Hendersonville with their father. Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Carrie were the granddaughters of the first Rector of St. James Episcopal Church. Both educators embraced the belief that the best teaching is done through love and setting a good example. Those principals still hold true today.



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